PLF PRO XL is a complete solution for collecting and applying livestock data. PLF PRO supports sheep, cattle and other species. There are no restrictions as to the number of heads you record per property.

We offer the software on a subscription basis, with all updates and upgrades included. You can collect more than 200 characterisitics per animal, including, pedigree, progeny, weights, meds and other data. All data is immediately uploaded and processed in the cloud (unlimited use of SIM card included in subscription).



Open up a browser, login and view how your farm is performing. Run queries and look at statistics and trends. Create selection files, which are automatically downloaded to the reader (HCR).

PLF PRO features:

  • unlimited use of Litams PLF app (on HCR or smartphone)
  • unlimited use of Litams provided SIM card (HCR built-in)
  • unlimited use of Litams PLF software (accessible via any browser)
  • free helpdesk

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PLF PRO XL is the ” unlimited use”  version of PLF PRO. PRO costs $ 20 per month per HCR + $ 0.04 per animal. (An animal is an RFID number which is in the database). For example, if there are 1200 ewes and 200 cattle on a farm, the monthly fee is 20 + 1200 x 0.04 + 200 x 0.04  = $ 76.00. We’ll use the number of EID in the database at the first day of each month to calculate the monthly fee. If you opt for PLF PRO XL, you’ll be charged an annual fee of $ 1995 in stead of monthly fees. If you have more than 3,500 heads on your property, PLF PRO XL is your choice.

Please note there are no charges for the number of times you scan a tag. We encourage you to upload as much data as possible. This does not impact your subscription fee. Nor does the number of downloads or reports. The more you use it, the more you’ll benefit from PLF – without racking up additional costs!

SPECIAL OFFER: During the first year, we offer a fixed fee of $ 1295.  The fee includes free use of our helpdesk and Litams’ reknowned “Lifetime Guarantee”.

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