More than a Digital Ballpoint

Agents, transporters and livestock markets need readers which scan animals rapidly. The Litams HCR is a best-in-class reader. Use it stand-alone or link it up with panel readers, run-through antennas. Scanning EID tags becomes even fun to do.  Add a pocket printer and you can print lists of numbers. But, hey, our competitors offer all of this too. So why should you opt for Litams? 

The Work after Scanning Tags

What really sets Litams apart from all alternatives is that after scanning, all work is done. That is because the Litams HCR is connected wirelessly to the internet. Your scanning results are processed in real-time on the webserver. Transport documents are generated, relevant parties are notified and health declarations are checked. Automatically and at zero effort to you. In case you pick up animals to transport them to a known destination, Litams sends a notification there. That means that, for example, markets and abattoirs get several hours prior to the physical arrival of the animals a list of numbers (and related information). Those animals don’t need to be scanned again. This way valuable time is saved and more information is available.

Information at Very affordable Prices

Litams does not make money on selling you equipoment and tools. We help you collect, manage and profit from information. We offer this in the form of a subscription. There are several subscription packages to choose from, see the information available here. Prices are available in several currencies: British Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars and New Zealand Dollars. Please note that there are no additional charges! That means that the airtime charges for using the mobile internet, the costs of using our 24×7 help center or the costs of replacing a malfunctioning unit are all covered by your subscription fee.

Get in touch with our helpdesk

When it comes to SERVICE, we have a reputation to uphold. Our customers have rated our service as SUPERB for years in a row. Our helpdesk is available 7 days per week.

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