Bleep…Bleep, Ready

Collecting data so simple, the animals can (almost) do it themselves.

Collecting data is vital to your business.  It helps you to comply with rules and regulations. And it provides insight into where you can reduce waste and grow revenues. Data-driven Precision Livestock Farming can boost the profitability you make on your stock.

And now, with Litams, collecting big data is so easy, that your animals will almost do it themselves.

With Litams, all data is colelcted at the source. That is, where the animals are. No more pen and paper. Directly into the app on your smartphone. Or using the phone with a built in EID scanner (a so called “HCR” or Handheld Connected Reader).

The HCR, like your app, is connected to the internet. All data is immediately stored in the safe, cloud-based server. In the cloud, Litams crunches the data and creates information. We (automatically) update other systems.

It’s very simple. It saves you many manhours. No need to spend time behind a PC. Always up to date. No more typos, errors and omissions.

Bleep…Bleep, Ready!