ConnectBox – Integrate Your Drafter with PLF


The ConnectBox links scales and RFID (panel) readers to the HCR via WiFi. The HCR returns a drafting code to the ConnectBox, which is paased on to the drafter.


The benefit of this system is that the combination of RFID (i.e. animal), weight and mob number (i.e. its exit on the drafter) are immediately stored in the cloud. No more need to disconnect the indicator or carry USB sticks to your PC. No more fiddling with apps on your smartphone.

Another huge benefit of the ConnectBox is that data stored in the cloud can be applied to drafting as well. For example, when drafting lambs for dispatch to the abattoir, you can instruct the drafter to identify a certain weight range, except for those marked as “within withholding period” and/or “superior genetics, keep for breeding”.

The ConnectBox operates with most Gallagher, Tru-Test, Prattley and Te-Pari models. If you order a ConnectBox, you get a full money-back guarantee in case we cannot hook up your drafter. Price is including installation and (half-day) training session.