Buy, Book and Bill Livestock

SLIM is our solution for processors. SLIM is a modular software suite which performs a number of tasks.

  • Buy livestock, note the purchases down on your phone.
  • Auto-confirm terms and conditions of each purchase by email.
  • Forward buying
  • Book receipt of livestock
  • Collect eNVDs or add paper NVD
  • Pen and re-pen
  • Create and modify kill agenda
  • Set daily or weekly prices, optionally publish price list
  • Use all data to calculate price per carcass
  • Issue “Buyer Created Invoice” immediately after mob has been processed
  • Provide kill-out feedback to suppliers
  • Collect statistics on suppliers

SLIM is marketed by Triton Commercial Systems as Livestock Manager. Triton customers are encouraged to contact their Triton representative for more information. Or contact Hans at Litams via this link.

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